2048 Evil

2048 Evil

2048 works like this. You have a square grid of 16 spaces. Every turn a "2" tile is placed on a random empty space, and you make one move, shifting all the tiles left, right up or down. When a pair of same-number tiles bump into each other, they merge into one tile. 2+2=4... 4+4=8... 8+8=16....

At first the game is easy. Just keep combining the numbers. Then you realize... Each higher number is really a "pyramid" representing a larger and larger sum - meaning the board gets increasingly cluttered as you desperately try to get those 128s together to form a 256...

Eventually the board fills up, you can't make any moves and you lose. Or do you? If you can create the 2048 tile, you win!

Evil version of 2048. The tiles will be generated in the worst possible location for you. Almost impossible to finish! Made by AJ Richardson.

now you can join and use intelligence in this game.